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While "hearing" begins in the ears, actual "understanding" takes place somewhere in between. The hearing process consists of two main components:


  • Peripheral hearing: Sounds are received through the outer and middle ear and passed to the inner ear. Sound conversion takes place here.

  • Central hearing: Sound is further processed over the auditory pathway and transmitted to the central nervous system for perception.

Conventional hearing aids are used for peripheral hearing. Simply put, sound is amplified by the hearing aid and the signal is received more loudly. If a person has been hard of hearing for years, though, communication between peripheral and central hearing is disrupted. This is because the brain has simply forgotten how to perceive and process sound, no matter how loud it is. This also explains why many people still cannot hear properly despite wearing a hearing aid. And this is where the Sentibo Smart Brain System comes into play.

Sentibo Phase 1: Analysis & adaptation

With the help of an innovative Sentibo app, the peripheral and central hearing performance of the customer is first analysed. The analysis only takes a few minutes and is performed by trained experts using the iPad. Based on the results, an individual hearing profile is created, which is used to optimally configure the Sentibo Twins. These small in-ear-devices were specially designed for the Sentibo Smart Brain System. The first experience with our Twins is unforgettable for most users. They completely rediscover their sense of hearing. Memories of earlier times are awoken. Users become more self-assured.

Sentibo Phase 2: Smart Brain Journey

The real journey begins with the second phase, though. We call it the "smart brain journey" – the heart of our system. This journey is accompanied by our experts and takes about four weeks. Through regular, perfectly coordinated strain or stimulation (active listening) and relaxation ("resting phase") sequences, the link between peripheral and central listening is successively re-established with the aid of the Twins. Auditory deprivation decreases significantly, which leads to a better hearing performance. The results are outstanding, a fact which is confirmed by our international case series. In some cases, our customers do not even need our Sentibo Twins after a while because their individual hearing performance has improved so much.

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